This is the first platform for the front end development and content management without limitations.

Nothing to install

No need to install and configure the database and the engine files

Front-end ready

Ready-made templates + full access to source code

Web IDE with autosave

You do not have to use the third-party IDE

Work with clear code

You don’t have to learn the special aspects of the platform, as you are only working with code

Back-end free

No need to write the backend, as everything you might need is already implemented

Use favorite framework

You can enable any framework in the settings or connect it to the system from any source


The layout of your site consists of separate pieces of code - snippets.

Use ready-made snippets that ovobox provides to make the site development faster. With full access to the source code snippet, you can make it unique in a few minutes.

Create your own unique snippets, making the site unique. All snippets are available for use on one, several or all pages for each of your sites, or even for multiple sites.

Share your snippets with other users of ovobox.


Create unlimited number of pages on your website. Edit their content and personal styles.


Turns any page into a blog, simply by posting on it. Edit the blog posts display layout.


Create an online store, simply by adding products to any page. Edit the store and products display layout.

All the blog and shop options (number of posts/products per page, the date format, the default sorting, currency, languages, delivery, payment, and other) are available in the settings.

Content managment

As for editing the content, there is no need to open the source code of the page each and every time. Just add the special attributes while developing the site and edit any content by clicking it. This way, even an inexperienced content manager will be able to edit any website content without massing up the HTML-format.




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per 12 month



per 12 month